New : get the best out of the new PackshotCreator 2013 software with your Nikon SLR camera*.

By Hervé LamartineJune 06, 2013

Tested and approved with our PackshotLab team and in collaboration with Nikon, the new generation of Nikon SLR cameras benefit from an extended compatibility with the PackshotCreator 2013 software.

Control in just a few clicks your camera from the PackshotCreator software interface.

Teddy Packshot gets along with with his new powerful friend Nikon D800E.

“The photos are a real lever of sales and our PackshotCreator X2 allows us to activate it”

By Hervé LamartineMay 31, 2013 is a website specialized in dance shoes for dancesport, latin dance, salsa, tango, etc.
To create the photography of all the products published on its website,’s team is using a PackshotCreator X2.
Even 360 degree animations of selected items are made by the solution.
“We bought a PackshotCreator X2 basically in a cost reduction strategy and in order to enhance the Internet user’s confidence by displaying high quality products photography.
As we often renew our range and as the shoes are customizable, we need to create these product photos and animations as fast and flexible as possible.
Having at our disposal a mini photo studio allows us to avoid all the costs related to a professional photographer, which is too expansive for such a small structure as ours, and allow us also to save time by reducing the numerous exchanges with him.
The pictures and animations that we are easily doing with our equipment are way better than the different previous photo suppliers.
The rendering and the quality are constant and homogeneous in terms of color, texture, material.
Besides, we have noticed that the quality of the details displayed on our online shop increases our Internet users’ satisfaction and has even reduced the number of claims received by our customer service.
The photos are a real lever of sales and our PackshotCreator X2 allows us to activate this lever.”

Baptiste KECH, Founder of and


"PackshotCreator is definitely a time-saving and stressless solution for product photograhy!", Uniopt Handel

By Hervé LamartineMay 30, 2013

With over 50 years of experience, Uniopt Handel mit optischen waren GmbH, is a supplier of luxury and high quality eye glasses and sunglasses for sports and fashion. This international company has a large portfolio with several well-known brands. Dynamic and creative, the firm is involved in a strategy of excellence with a permanent development of new concepts and quality customer relationship. Therefore, the Austrian company has chosen to purchase a PackshotCreator solution.

The way to professional photography for Eurotronic Products GmbH

By Hervé LamartineMay 24, 2013

The German company Eurotronic Product GmbH is specialized in the development of smart solutions in the sector of PC-electronics. The firm sells its products online to its business partners. The philosophy of the firm is focused on the customer’s satisfaction. Therefore the company sells high-quality products such as mobile phone batteries, accessories or digital camera batteries at competitive prices.

In this context the firm has decided to make its eshop more attractive with multi-views pictures. The purpose was also to find a way to improve productivity and the quality of the product presentation online.



What is Ocarat’s secret to showcase realistic jewelry photography?

By Hervé LamartineMay 07, 2013

Ocarat jewelry
has revolutionized the online jewelry market in France.
How? By being the firsts to make fine jewelry affordable with very competitive prices.
Ocarat’s expertise and experiences made it possible to achieve such challenge. Thus the Ocarat team directly selects and buys gemstones and gold without any intermediaries.
This same approach to quality and cost-optimization has drove Ocarat to purchase a PackshotCreator solution.
Jewelry photography is one of the most complex to master because of product reflections and complex color shades. To overcome those challenges, Ocarat has without any doubt opted for the PackshotMacro R solution and its exclusive and efficient lighting system (made of 6 zones of dimmable light). This solution offers the required precision to make successful photos and 360-degree animations.

The photos of our jewelry for the Internet have to produce the same effect as the showcase of a jeweler: they have to be attractive. But on the Internet, this is not enough. Customers need to be ensured about the quality of this kind of product. Therefore we have to use very high quality images that offer a perfect rendering of materials and details. Our PackshotMacro R equipment helps us daily to achieve such aim in a simple and efficient way.

Arnaud Poujade, Manager at